Squeaky Cleaners offer commercial and residential window cleaning services throughout the Isle of Man. We obtain the best cleaning results, all year round, in total safety and using methods which are kind to the environment.

Our pure water cleaning method, cleans frames, and windows, it is suitable for all windows, conservatories, greenhouses, patio cleaning and cladding. We also offer a pressure cleaning service.

For your complete peace of mind Squeaky Cleaners are fully insured and all staff are fully trained in the most up to date Health & Safety procedures, please click on the HSE logo to see the latest news regarding working at height.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled professional, friendly service and realistic prices.


Squeaky Cleaners
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We cover Douglas, Castletown, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Peel, Ramsey, Colby, Onchan, Laxey, Baldrine, Ballasalla, Isle of Man